H.A.M.R.: Hand Actuated Mental Reconditioning
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Advanced Tactical Hammering
You need to make sure you know how to use the Hammer before venturing into this section. Complete the Starter Workbook first, then study the Exploded Hammer carefully. After that you should be equipped to avoid mass confusion.
Isolation is the neurological root of all evil. One of the biggest contributors to it is a sensation of being different from others. So much, in fact, that it appears that sameness is the switch that turns isolation off.
  Endorphine source: pitching in and lending a hand. This is another phenomenal case of thought-reinforcements that can't go wrong.
  This is going to sound crazy, and you might not like it, but this simple technique produces an incredibly calm state of mind. It can virtually wipe out huge chunks of anger at once.
  Roll up your sleeves and get to work; there is no escape. But you can make it easier by reprogramming yourself to automatically become successful in this area.
Perception of and Reaction to Fear
Perception of danger is the first half of the equation. Learn how to figure out what thoughts erase dastardly, imaginary threats that are invalid and counterproductive.
Once danger has been percieved the body and mind are flooded with chemicals preparing for fight or flight. Learning to deal with threats quickly and easily affects the production of these chemicals and can reduce them to almost nothing.

This section of HAMR.com is to be a catalog of recent information and and of the most potent known strategies. Another plus: You can examine the results of actual cases and the exercises that produced them. This will be a big help in perfecting your work. You should feel free to submit ideas or experiences of your own as well.
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